Strategic Value Partners primarily serves extraordinary clients in six industries


AerospacE & Defense

Simultaneously reducing costs and generating new revenue streams has never been more critical for aerospace and defense (A&D) businesses, regardless of the airspace they operate in. Consider organic and inorganic opportunities to bring new products or services to market, capture new market/customer segments, or enter new geographies.


Disruption across the automotive value chain is only beginning. Design centers, assembly plants, suppliers, franchise dealers, financial services companies, and every other stakeholder is impacted. In this globalized market, disruption from new entrants, new technologies, and new regulations quickly ripples around the globe. Define the white space opportunity and own it, before it defines you.


Patients, payers, providers, pharma companies, and other stakeholders grapple daily with the strategic, operational, financial, and political challenges presented by today’s marketplace. The multi-decade vision of standardized and portable electronic health records (EHRs) remains elusive, further exacerbating their struggles. Develop innovative healthcare strategies that improve outcomes and minimize costs to rise above the daily chaos and noise.

natural resource

New sources of oil and natural gas. new pipelines. Renewable energies, alternative fuels, and low-cost energy storage. Rare-earth metals take center stage in global trade wars. When these developments are considered alongside more stringent regulations and increased scrutiny from investors, the degree and pace of change has never been more challenging. Seize upon this turmoil to carve out differentiated positions for the long-term.


With consumers shifting dollars online at lightning speed, and Amazon capturing fifty cents of every online dollar, retailers face choices that are more challenging to identify, define, and evaluate than ever before. In parallel, public shareholders are demanding answers more aggressively than ever and frequently going public with their own solutions. Don’t delay — proactively define the path to full potential and achieve key milestones.

Tech, Media & Telecom

Technology, media, and telecom (TMT) are each changing the world. In many cases, they are also inextricably linked. With antitrust scrutiny raining down across the globe and privacy litigation heating up, the evaluation of growth opportunities and future prospects of these firms are murky. Before hitting the “go” button, draw up a comprehensive list of opportunities, evaluate these opportunities against the proper criteria, and fully risk adjust them.